How To Install A Garage Door

In Nevada, professional garage door installations ensure higher quality and guarantees. A professional follows all restrictions outlined in the instruction manual for the individual product. The following are the steps needed to install a new door through las vegas garage door repair services.

Attach the Hinges

The first step is to attach the hinges at the designated locations on each side of the panel. Next, connect a roller on both sides of the hinges. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and install the weather stripping onto the panel at the bottom edge. Next, create holes for the hinges onto the door facing. They must match the exact measurements acquired for the door.

Install the First Panel

Position the first panel at the bottom edge of the door facing. It should be centered with the weather stripping along the edge. Connect the panel with the provided nails and make sure it is secured completely.

Install the Tracks

The manufacturer’s instructions should detail the exact steps for this installations. It is best to install them in sections and connect the vertical, horizontal, and curved portions separately. If these installations aren’t conducted according to these instructions it may void the warranty.


Install the Vertical Track

The contractor slides the rollers for the first panel over the top of the tracks and lowers it gradually. They begin at one side and make sure that it remains level. It must be centered with the door facing. They screw this track into the door facing and use the appropriate brackets.

Install the Second Panel

They begin with the outer hinges and rollers. Next, they angle the rollers downward into the installed track. They drill holes into the second panel for the hinges and secure the panel to the door facing. Next, they connect the first panel’s hinges to the lower portion of the second panel to secure it. The track flows upward toward the ceiling and is connected to each panel. They repeat this step for all remaining panels and then install the las vegas garage door opener.

In Nevada, professional installation teams manage all requirements for a new garage door installation. These steps require careful attention to details and prevention of further damage. Homeowners who need these services contact their preferred technician now.